Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New ideas for the food business...

 This past week a popular restaurant in town that had just opened up not six months before... and was very popular, closed it's doors. Restaurants seem to be popping up and disappearing faster than ever... and older establishments are just disappearing. The restaurant business is getting extremely difficult and with the rising commodity prices and inflation starting to rear it's ugly head, restaurants, who typically operate on very tight margins find themselves in a bind. And when one looks at the ingredients of the typical corporate restaurant there is indeed room for entrepreneurs. Here are some interesting new free market ideas popping up to meet the needs of the food consumer of 2011.

Street vendors using twitter to keep people aware of where they are... Food raves or "Craves"... and the Food Truck all suggest that America remains entrepreneurial. And that's a good sign!

Street Vendors using Twitter

Top 10 Food Carts in San Francisco

DC Food Vendors rely on facebook and Twitter

Food Raves

Underground Economy... Eating

Pop Up Restaurants

Food Trucks taking over America

Food Truck trend captures Tulsa

Upscale Food Trucks - video

And then there is local food delivery. Farm fresh food and even home made meals... right to your door!

Farm Fresh to You

Homemade Meals Delivered - This example is from the UK

Underground dining comes to you

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